The Phone Call

Well, there is something I may not have told everyone but I guess now I can share a little something that I didn't make very public before now. Martin was diagnosed with Mesothelioma in January. In June when his brain tumor showed up, they changed his diagnosis to PSEUDO Mesothelioma. What is that? In some... Continue Reading →

Percussion Massagers

If you are having any kind of nerve or muscle pain it is normal to seek out any way to feel better without having to have surgery. BUT THIS- don't do it until after you have been checked out by doctors. I wholeheartedly believe that Martin using this contraption made his situation worse. While he... Continue Reading →

Where Joy and Sorrow Meet

When we were trying to figure out songs for Martin's celebration of life there were so many to choose from. Martin loved music. He wasn't a word-to-the-song type guy, he was more of an instruments type of guy. He couldn't tell you many of the words to a song but he knew the tune. We... Continue Reading →

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