For Lack of A Better Title – You Have More Rights Then They Want You To Know

Hospitals and their policies SUCK!

Never have I been a super high-strung person, but that is the way the last year has made me. No, was not an answer that I was willing to accept and there are times you shouldn’t accept them either!

In case I don’t get around to making a post about it anytime soon, just know that Doctors are PUPPETS! Insurance companies run everything! You are at the mercy of the insurance and they will do you as dirty as you let them. DON’T ACCEPT THIS- EVER! Just know that I threatened to drive to Wichita Falls, Tx, and have a sit down with them more times than I can remember. Didn’t hurt that Blue Cross Blue Shield’s office was the same place where Martin’s family lived. So I told them that I didn’t even need a hotel room and I could be there in 6.5 hours. One day I told them that I wouldn’t even stop at Buc-ee’s for food so I would be all kinds of fun when we got there.

I was done with authorizations that took more than 3 hours to get signed off on and returned to the doctor’s office. AND GUESS WHAT? When they saw my name pop up on their caller ID, the poor soul that got my phone call knew they could either say, “Hello, Mrs. Wendi it is all taken care of,” or send me straight to a supervisor. I needed no explanation and I didn’t care that the supervisor was “GOING TO TELL ME THE SAME THING.” My response was always, “Great, the supervisors know me, and they know what my sweet Martin is going through. So they will look forward to yet, another conversation.”

YOU KNOW WHAT ELSE? It got DONE- and fast.

The doctor’s offices were always so happy when I did their jobs and got stuff expedited. I didn’t care what any of them thought, Martin had things that he needed and I didn’t care whose job I had to do. Actually, the nurses loved us. Martin had the personality and I was going to get it all done for them. We got the best infusion chairs and they gladly unlocked all the cabinets so Martin could have a good selection to choose from when his favorite drink or snack was out.

Martin’s last 2 infusions the nurse caught me when I ran to the restroom and asked me how he was really doing. Martin had a really good facade. But those last 2 infusions he couldn’t sit still. His back hurt and his wound was steadily leaking. Several times he was fighting back tears and then there were the times he didn’t fight them back. He was living a horrible existence that he didn’t deserve.

I was really going to tell you more about this subject but it’s late, so excuse the typos. I’m working at the Chamber County Election a few hours a day and it is time to get some sleep. I love working with Linda, Pat, Keron, Jane, Carolyn, Rhonda, Rita, Lana, Cheryl, and Joe. I needed to get out of the house and have something to do. What a fun bunch. I hope I didn’t leave anyone out. Apologies if I did.

Well, I will have to make a part 2 about hospitals and they are more difficult than normal because of the C-word with numbers behind it or whatever strand we are on. You know- the thing that shall not be said!

4 thoughts on “For Lack of A Better Title – You Have More Rights Then They Want You To Know

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  1. Yes! Insurance companies listen to the family members so much better than medical providers! I wish all family members understood this. When I asked a parent to call a doctor for a signature or an insurance company, it wasn’t because I didn’t want to do my job, it was because it had already tried – usually multiple times- the insurance company doesn’t listen to the company getting paid. I am so grateful Martin had you as an advocate! He was so blessed you fought for him no matter what ANYONE told you!

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  2. You are a fighter, you always have been. God put you and Martin together because all of this was already written and He knew you were the perfect person to Love and Care for Martin. Love you 💜

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