Boring Funerals, Why?

Funerals are tough, but you already knew that! Everyone is different and therefore, everyone is celebrated differently. I understand funerals are important in the healing and grieving process. Planning a funeral to me was very overwhelming. First, you lose someone then there is the perfect celebration of their life to plan. Who wants to think... Continue Reading →

Where Joy and Sorrow Meet

When we were trying to figure out songs for Martin's celebration of life there were so many to choose from. Martin loved music. He wasn't a word-to-the-song type guy, he was more of an instruments type of guy. He couldn't tell you many of the words to a song but he knew the tune. We... Continue Reading →

Martin’s Last Birthday

Martin passed away four days after his 57th birthday. With his condition, we were unsure how to celebrate. We had always had company over and grilled or gone to eat at someplace great. After all that was Martin's favorite thing to do, eat. This year was different, he was different. We have some wonderful friends.... Continue Reading →

There Is A Place

Has anyone taken a selfie with this? It's one of the most "instagramable" locations in Tulum. All through Martin’s journey, I knew one thing. When he was healed and the mesothelioma was under control we would go here. Take Martin’s photo in front of this. Why? To me, it looks like someone with a healthy... Continue Reading →

Gratitude: Mail Call

It seems like I have had such negative posts and that is truly not the person I am. I want to focus on those that have brought kindness and happiness into our lives. THERE ARE SO MANY so it is going to take a while. But this is a start. Today after checking the mail,... Continue Reading →

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