Martin’s Last Birthday

Martin passed away four days after his 57th birthday.

With his condition, we were unsure how to celebrate. We had always had company over and grilled or gone to eat at someplace great. After all that was Martin’s favorite thing to do, eat. This year was different, he was different.

We have some wonderful friends. Among them are Arlon and Rachel Minor. Arlon’s mom had suffered from cancer for much of 2021 and then passed on toward the end of the year. Doctors were never able to tell them exactly what kind of cancer she had. The only thing that she wasn’t tested for was mesothelioma. Which sounds like what she had.

About 2 weeks before Martin’s birthday, Rachel reached out and asked me if she could do a birthday video for Martin. All his friends were asked to contribute a video with their birthday wishes. Rachel then compiled all the videos and sent them to Martin. IT WAS PERFECT! He cried the entire video. The day before he passed we wanted to watch the video again.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to wish Martin a happy birthday. Thank you for bringing a smile to his face on some of his darkest, most painful, and last days. We love you for this!

Thank you for including Martin in your lives and sharing in his life.

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