Buy Dirt

'Cause the truth about it isIt all goes by real quickYou can't buy happinessBut you can buy dirt- Luke Bryan and Jordan Davis A couple of months ago my sister Lisa called. Uncle Paul was ready to sell his land in Hankamer which he had lived forever. For many years I would drive Grandmother out... Continue Reading →

Martin’s Last Birthday

Martin passed away four days after his 57th birthday. With his condition, we were unsure how to celebrate. We had always had company over and grilled or gone to eat at someplace great. After all that was Martin's favorite thing to do, eat. This year was different, he was different. We have some wonderful friends.... Continue Reading →

Gratitude: Mail Call

It seems like I have had such negative posts and that is truly not the person I am. I want to focus on those that have brought kindness and happiness into our lives. THERE ARE SO MANY so it is going to take a while. But this is a start. Today after checking the mail,... Continue Reading →

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