Gratitude: Mail Call

It seems like I have had such negative posts and that is truly not the person I am. I want to focus on those that have brought kindness and happiness into our lives. THERE ARE SO MANY so it is going to take a while. But this is a start.

Today after checking the mail, I stood around my kitchen bar with tears streaming down my face. I am talking about the ugly kind of crying. There have been so many acts of kindness shown to our family and to Martin while he was with us. It all came to a head when I opened up a large post office mailer. I noticed the name Kim Grammar. She is a fellow travel agent from Florida who had lost her husband too. I open the card inside the larger mailing envelope and out pop gift visa cards. There were five to be exact. The card read from “The Ranters.” That is a group of travel agents who get together and discuss funny or dumb things that clients or suppliers do. Martin and I were blessed to have traveled with some of the agents and so they knew just how neat of a person he was.

The goodness of others is what gets you through some of the darkest times of your life.

As a travel agent myself, I can say that the travel industry is one of the best industries in the world. The ability to be a part of people’s dream vacations is very rewarding. I have had people ask me about other agents and here’s the thing: A good travel agent understands that the world is full of people looking to visit amazing places. Depending on your chosen destination: I may not be your best option. But there are many areas in this world that depend on tourism, and when they are doing well and thriving it helps all travel agents to better serve our clients. So the phrase, “it takes a village…” yes, behind every successful travel agent is a village of amazing clients, trusted people in every destination, tribe of fellow travel agents rooting them on.

Thank you to my “Ranters.” I hope to be back to traveling soon and see your happy faces in amazing destinations of the world!

The husbands at the Karisma Award trip. We had just arrived and didn’t have time to get into our 50’s costumes.
With Cindy Lorenz and Gayle Hirsch in Mexico

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