You Know What I Don’t Love?

I’m just not in love with the name of this blog. Sure, it is an accurate statement but Martin was more than a mesothelioma patient, he was a big part of a lot of people’s lives.

Do I know how I will carry on his legacy?


Will it do justice to him?


Do I know what I will do tomorrow?

Nope, to that as well

All I know is this is what I am doing today.

I know there are several things that make me very unhappy and they truly deserve to be put in check. Don’t know how I can go about trying to change them. But by nature I am a “fixer” you come to me, I am going to work on how to fix your problem. That is what my job for the last 20 years consisted of. There are some huge problems for people that are affected by illnesses and it is a huge injustice.

In Luckenbach

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