Trust Issues & Why You Might Need Them Too

Here is another post that explains why I am angry, hurt, fed up, disgusted or distrusting. (Use whichever word makes me sound like the better person, because quite honestly, I am too tired to care) Maybe putting all of this into words will release some of the animosity that I carry around with me. Here’s to hoping but I feel like people need to know what happened to Martin so they can better protect themselves and their loved ones.

July 2, 2020, Martin has an appointment with Rebecca Dees, physician’s assistant, and someone that I considered a friend. She works with Methodist’s Primary Care here in Baytown. Martin goes in complaining of soreness and pain in the right side of his chest. She orders an x-ray and Martin heads over to the imaging center immediately. That’s our Martin, going to take care of everything immediately.

Several hours later we get a message in his “My Chart.” Not much explanation and the link to the images doesn’t work. But why would I not have total trust in the medical professionals that we entrust with our lives? After all, don’t they care about our health?

Here is the imaging that this report refers to:

This is the X-ray. WE WERE TOLD THIS WAS A CLEAR Xray! A dear friend of Martin’s, Jamie, works in the radiation department. We send this to her and she circles what should have been noted from the beginning.

I went around town and gathered every medical paper on Martin that had been written in the last 5 years to show the doctor as much of Martin’s medical history as possible. Mid-January they are doing a biopsy, but before they start they popped the image CD with Martin’s xray in their machine to look at it. Immediately, Martin was asked what took him so long to come to MD Anderson. He told the dr doing the biopsy that he just found. “It is pretty clear you have something growing on your lungs in this xray from July”- NOW IT IS MID-JANUARY! Martin is wheeled back to the recovery area where I am waiting and he tells me this. WHAT??? How can this happen? In true Wendi mode, I immediately sent off a message to Rebecca Dees. I have included the screenshots below:

first message
2nd message
3rd message
4th message- I asked her to call me at 2pm. Did she bother to call? Nope. But she says that she cares.
Doctors aren't always right.
5th message- I can’t believe that she couldn’t even call me to check on Martin.
6th message She cares, but not enough to take a glance at an xray.
7th message

And this our friends is the first medical injustice done to Martin which lead to his death. Methodist Hospital and their employees dropped the ball when Martin needed them. Their care and concern fell short. Since I have told people about this happening, it is alarming to hear so many others that this has happened to. What was so important to these people that they couldn’t perform their job? The job they were paid to do?

We had a conversation with the guy, Oliver Hunter – General Radiology, who wrote the report. Payton went down to Methodist and demanded the information of the person responsible for this report. We had a conversation with him about his gross negligence. What was his excuse? He tried to induce sympathy, saying his wife had cancer or something really close to that. UHM– NO SIR- you don’t get to act like you can relate to us. Don’t waste your breath.

Here is what I want you to get from this… Doctors are not always right. People don’t do their jobs and it doesn’t matter what you pay them. If you have imaging done, get a copy and look at it. Ask another doctor about it. Don’t worry about what they may think. You do not worry about what they think. Who cares? If they are good doctors they will understand your motive behind a second opinion. Believe me, they go home at night and live their lives.

There were a couple of other things that are really bothering me. I may write about them when I can get the words out. But the other questions pressing on my mind is….

How does palliative care kill you in a different way???

That is a different story for a different day

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  1. I am so sorry Wendi! Methodist hospital is the absolute worst! I love you and support you 10000% … be mad! You should be and I hate this all for y’all. They told us Dad could have been helped had Methodist hospital transferred dad the sec he had a stroke! It makes me freaking disgusted! I love you! I’m praying. I promise! 😘

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