The Thing About Grief

I know I have been MIA lately on here. I still have some things to write about just takes me a while to get my thoughts together. We are still here and trying to figure out where we belong and how to take care of everything that Martin did without us even knowing. We had... Continue Reading →

Buy Dirt

'Cause the truth about it isIt all goes by real quickYou can't buy happinessBut you can buy dirt- Luke Bryan and Jordan Davis A couple of months ago my sister Lisa called. Uncle Paul was ready to sell his land in Hankamer which he had lived forever. For many years I would drive Grandmother out... Continue Reading →

The Phone Call

Well, there is something I may not have told everyone but I guess now I can share a little something that I didn't make very public before now. Martin was diagnosed with Mesothelioma in January. In June when his brain tumor showed up, they changed his diagnosis to PSEUDO Mesothelioma. What is that? In some... Continue Reading →

About the Time…

About the time I feel like I am not so overwhelmed with anger something happens. Well, today it was doing things that we had been putting off. Martin's truck... We had been doing good keeping the battery from going dead. Today with the pollen running high, the truck just looked bad. It was time that... Continue Reading →

Looking For Some Happy In All This

I was going through my google photos the other day and found this photo. Martin didn't often ask to have his photo taken but this time he did. Grandmother wasn't real excited about it because she wasn't prepared to have her photo, but graciously obliged him anyway. I am so glad she did so that... Continue Reading →

Tina on Sunday Mornings

When we are driving to church in Crosby we go down North Main from interstate 10. There is a fenced area that has a llama lives. Martin thought being able to see this animal in a pasture was the best thing! I know he was easily amused. He named her Tina from the show Napoléon... Continue Reading →

Percussion Massagers

If you are having any kind of nerve or muscle pain it is normal to seek out any way to feel better without having to have surgery. BUT THIS- don't do it until after you have been checked out by doctors. I wholeheartedly believe that Martin using this contraption made his situation worse. While he... Continue Reading →

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