Tina on Sunday Mornings

When we are driving to church in Crosby we go down North Main from interstate 10. There is a fenced area that has a llama lives. Martin thought being able to see this animal in a pasture was the best thing! I know he was easily amused.

He named her Tina from the show Napoléon Dynamite. So you can imagine all the jokes and sayings that would come from any time we had to drive bye.

After Martin’s funeral, as we are driving to the cemetery we drove by Tina’s field. Thought that was strange because the funeral home was a straight shot up Garth Road and only about 2-3 miles away. But they hopped over to North Main.

Here is a video that I took of him as we drove down North Main. We weren’t heading to church on this drive but somewhere in Crosby. Wonder if that llama wonders what happened to that crazy person who would holler at them from 45 miles an hour driving down the road??

Martin is goofy and here is just a little glimpse of what we are missing today as we went to church services.

This was the closest thing of a picture of Martin at church. But when 4 men show up wearing purple it definitely warrants taking a photo.

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  1. I remember driving with them heading to church….. honking and yelling for TINA! Hearing Martin’s voice again makes my HEART filled with much JOY! Love & miss ya my brother! 😂😂❤️❤️

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