There Is A Place

Has anyone taken a selfie with this? It’s one of the most “instagramable” locations in Tulum.

All through Martin’s journey, I knew one thing. When he was healed and the mesothelioma was under control we would go here. Take Martin’s photo in front of this. Why? To me, it looks like someone with a healthy vibrant chest area. He for sure would have thought it was dumb but hey, did we really need a reason to go to Mexico?

A couple of days after Martin passed I showed this to Payton. She asked why we still couldn’t go and take our photo there? After all, Martin was made whole again even though it didn’t happen here for us to see. She was absolutely correct, but how do I go there without him? That is more than I can think about right now.


“Ven a la Luz” (Come into the light), by the South African artist Daniel Popper, is a work that has traveled around the world through photos shared by travelers who have visited Tulum, and which was unveiled in 2018 as part of the Art With Me festival. The sculpture is 10 meters high and is made of steel, wood, ropes, and plant material. The portal symbolizes our deep connection with Nature and ourselves. 

Our last trip to Mexico

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  1. What a beautiful idea, I agree with Peyton. GO, eat, enjoy and pray a Thankful prayer that there is no more pain and he is made new. I love y’all


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