Then There’s Days You Just Need To Laugh

Martin was funny and sometimes downright goofy.

This picture was taken when we came home from his biopsy. He was hurting and decided that he would try the CBD stuff. So he did. I was working away sitting on the couch next to him and he was chatting with his BFF Shock ( there is a post coming about him soon and the way they acted like 12-year-old girls). Martin was telling him all about it and then all of a sudden he quit and was silent. This way too relaxed person is the same one that could barely walk because of the pain and soreness in his chest. Later on, when he woke up, I did a full recap and even showed him this photo. He thought it was hilarious at first. Then quickly asked who else I had sent the photo to.

I think I will start including some of the things that were said about Martin.

I hadn’t seen Martin in years. But I can say he was a true friend and a good man. We’re gonna miss him. God bless him and his family. Heaven just got one HUNGRY MAN!!!πŸ’™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

Taken in Vegas. Can you read what is on the TV screen?

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