Boring Funerals, Why?

Funerals are tough, but you already knew that! Everyone is different and therefore, everyone is celebrated differently.

I understand funerals are important in the healing and grieving process. Planning a funeral to me was very overwhelming. First, you lose someone then there is the perfect celebration of their life to plan. Who wants to think about a celebration at a time like that? Payton stepped up and really helped me. She got the ball rolling and broke the ice, which is exactly what I needed. But what I actually needed more was for Martin to have told me exactly what he thought would be the perfect way to celebrate him. There is no way to celebrate anyone to the extent they deserve, especially in only an hour’s time. But we did the best we could. We could have had an all-day concert and talked about the goofy things he did and said.

While I have talked about things that I may, or may not want at my funeral, he just didn’t talk about it. Those things weren’t important to him and he knew what awaited him on the other side. The life here would be far from his mind. The most we talked about was where we would be buried. But that is about as far as we got, just talking about it. He didn’t care, just said he wanted to be buried next to me. To that, I would always respond with, “you bet ya are!” Which made him laugh and feel good.

So if you don’t hear anything else that I am saying… Pre-plan your funeral. Yes, it’s a difficult conversation, but when your family members are numb, scared, lost, and hurting it will be one less thing weighing on them!

If you are in the Baytown area, I would highly suggest Crespo and Jirrels Funeral home. They were amazing. We had just been through planning my Grandmother’s funeral at one of the bigger funeral homes in town and I have to say, Crespo and Jirrel were easier to deal with. I will also add that Mom and Dad had already talked to them a year before the time came for Grandmother’s service, and it still took forever-AND WE WERE SITTING IN A COLD ROOM!

If you were unable to attend Martin’s Celebration of Life here is my downloaded screen recording of it. I chose to share it here instead of Facebook because let’s be honest, FB is a hot mess and way too visible to the public’s eyes. This blog is more personal. I would appreciate you honoring those thoughts and not reposting this on FB. You are welcome to tell people about this blog post and they can see it here.

If you weren’t able to attend, know upfront, I don’t care what your thoughts are about the music selection and if you want to talk about it to other people and wonder why I would do such a thing- Just tell them that I don’t care what they think either! Plan their own and don’t worry about others!

Martin working from home with an audience

Yes, Marley is mentioned as one of Martin’s kids because she was considered and treated as one. Yes, the honorary pallbearers included Winston AKA “MEATIE” Clary. You know Lisa’s granddog. LOL! Martin loved that dog! Why can’t have your two favorite dogs included in your celebration of life? It’s your celebration!

I will make a post about Meatie and Marley soon. Just need some time.

4 thoughts on “Boring Funerals, Why?

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  1. We’ve talked about my funeral bc I have brought it up. I want a balloon release and confetti. That’s who I am and how my friends think of me.
    Glad his favorite furry friends were part of his funeral. They were a part of his life too. Both my nieces had their dogs in their big fancy weddings.
    Let’s make our last meeting on earth an occasion where we look back and smile.
    Thanks for this post!!!

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  2. Your little family are a perfect Christian example. I agree with it all. Nobody can be celebrated in a manor fitting to them! All of this and the funeral were great. We love you bunches and are here for y’all. 💟

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