The New Begining

Today was the first time I had been back to worship with our church family in Crosby. It was great to be back. With Martin sick, we mainly watched church service online. Very rarely, I could leave and attend church with the White’s Park congregation. It was a quick drive east on i-10. I love those people there too.

It was very strange being there without Martin, and yes, I know that will be the new norm for a while. But his absence was painfully evident today.

Now we are trying to wrap up the music portion of the funeral. Martin loved a lot of different kinds of music. Not one song sticks out in my mind as his favorite, but just many different groups. Martin would really like more of a celebration and not sad stuff. There are many “funeral” songs that have been done a lot. Martin was so easy to please and I am sure he would have liked any of the songs in question, I guess I worry more about what people would think. I shouldn’t but you know how people can be. So here’s to thinking outside the box.

I was saddened at church when Jessica (who came to do Martin’s wound care because she knew there was a need) told me that another friend just found out that her husband has Mesothelioma. That word makes my stomach turn and my blood boil. I hurt for that family and wanted to say, “have her call me and I can help her.” But I didn’t. I am not ready for that yet. The pain of the drive-in and out of the Houston Medical Center is still sharp and heavily on my mind. I mentioned to Pat (Martin’s sister that is here with us for a while helping out) that the “Ramses the Great and the Gold,” is now at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. We will go to that but it is down by the medical center and ugh, the last time we were there we came home in an ambulance after Martin was put on hospice and sent home. I don’t know that I am ready for that just yet.

I have said it before and I will say it again, watching our kids go through this has to be the worst part since Martin passed. Please pray for them.

Wishing You 80 Degrees & Palm Trees,

Wendi Mon

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