Something We Should Have Done Years Ago (please see update at the end)

Let’s talk about insurance companies???

Martin paid weekly for life insurance for 30 years. Because Martin was forced into a reduction of hours, he lost his life insurance on January 1, 2022. I called Zachry’s Benefits department and begged them to let me pay a “cobra” type payment for it, and I was told no they wouldn’t offer it. So 26 days later when Martin passed there was no life insurance. NONE! Even after it mistakenly showed up on his benefit summary a couple of days before Martin passed.

So, if you are young and have your health, FIND A LIFE INSURANCE POLICY that is not supplied by your employer. Don’t be dependent upon employer-supplied life insurance alone. In our situation, once Martin was sick there was no one that would insure him.

That was our learning lesson…


I had called into Zachry’s Time Off Programs the day after Martin passed to let them know about what had happened. I was told that she would get the message to the benefits department. Well, 10 days later I still had heard nothing! Really? Did Martin’s 23 years for this company mean NOTHING? He deserved much better than that. Very frustrated, I found a number for John, with the Zachry Group Employee Assistance Program. He apologized profusely and assured me he would find out what had happened. On February 9th, I got a phone call that they are going to start with the paperwork and Martin’s life insurance was still valid. This was Martin doing what he did best, taking care of us. He loved his job and there was never a day I remember Martin not wanting to go to work at Chevron Cedar Bayou. He had great friends there and cared way too much that each job was done correctly and on time. He was told that when he reached 25 years with the company he would get a Rolex. That was his goal. He liked nice things. That was our Martin.

I still wholeheartedly believe you are never too young for life insurance and to get it early is the way to go. Did I tell you that they are going to let me continue with my life insurance? It’s expensive but a funeral is way too much to ask my kids to pay for without the help of life insurance.

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